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Ensure by Mahindra (EBM) Advantage

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    Instant policy issuance from a list of multiple insurers

    Our strong network with some of the leading insurers gives your customers the freedom to choose a policy that best suits their needs. We have also streamlined and created a standard process that makes the issuance of the policy quick and easy.

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    Centralised portal for policy management & renewals

    Managing multiple policies, renewal dates and making policy modifications can be time consuming and cumbersome. But with this centralised portal, dealers can easily access policies, keep track of renewal dates, etc.

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    Single platform for claim registration and tracking

    Paperwork and documentation can be time consuming. With the EBM portal, dealers can view, access, modify and keep track of all the policies in just a few clicks.

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    An array of payment options available for customers

    The ease and convenience of your customers matter the most. They can choose from various online payment options at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

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    Focused team to support MISPs and customers

    A dedicated team of experts will provide assistance to dealers and customers every step of the way.

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    In line with regulatory requirements and guidelines

    The regulatory guidelines change and it gets difficult to keep a track of the guidelines and make changes in the process. But with the EBM portal, we are constantly keeping up with the changes so dealers can be worry-free and focus on their business.

Advantages For End Customers

Array of Options

Your customers can choose the right Motor Insurance policy that best suits their needs, from multiple options of Motor Insurance companies.

Competitive Prices

Your customers can now get customised solutions at affordable prices, thus helping you serve them better.

Wide Range of Add-on Covers

Your customers have unique needs and that’s why we offer an array of add-on covers so they can give a wholistic cover to their vehicle.

Convenience at Every Step

From placing a policy instantly to managing claims, all through a single online platform, will enable you to offer hassle-free and faster services to your customers.

Clear Your Doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a valid motor insurance ensures that you are law compliant and protects you against third-party losses when involved in an accident. It provides protection for your vehicle against damages that would result in a financial loss.

Yes. A personal motor insurance policy protects you, your vehicle, and third-party who may be involved in an accident. A commercial auto policy is needed for any vehicles that you use for business purposes and it helps in covering the costs associated with vehicle and property damage and third party liability arises in case of any accident.

Insurance regulator (IRDAI) has given a mandate to all the insurance companies to issue long-term insurance policies i.e. third-party insurance for three years for private vehicles (new vehicles only) bought on or after 1st September'18.

No. The insurance policy needs to be issued/endorsed in the name of new registered owner of vehicle. Otherwise the claim will not be payable on the ground of No Insurable Interest.