MIBL’s Reinsurance broking business is a new business opportunity for the company. The Reinsurance (RI) product is used by insurance companies to transfer their portfolio risks to reinsurers, protecting the insurer’s balance sheets and enabling continuity of business operations.

Our company’s Reinsurance team is comprised of experts whose collective experience in reinsurance totals over eight decades in India, the Far East, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The team is backed by an Advanced RI Administration and Database software system, ensuring process efficiency and reliable delivery to our clients. We are constantly investing in expertise, skills and tools that would be required to become a distinguished player in the market and strive to deliver innovative and customized solutions to our customers.

Through its introduction of the Reinsurance product, MIBL enters the international arena of insurance broking. The RI Broking team uses its international domain knowledge and expertise to provide innovative and customized solutions to insurance companies, nurturing long term business, relationships and expanding the company’s industry network.

MIBL’s Direct Broking Business provides the foundation of this network, with initial Reinsurance business being drawn from this base of clients.

  • Import of reinsurance in which foreign reinsurance capacity and protection is obtained for Indian insurance companies
  • Export of reinsurance in which reinsurance from Indian reinsurers support overseas insurance companies
  • Cross Border operations in which one insurance company uses MIBL's expertise to reinsure their risks with reinsurers from countries other than India.
  • Relationship with potential Lead-Reinsurers and ability to secure best terms
  • Designing a suitable Reinsurance program taking into account the Business Plan and projections of the company; structuring various Non-proportional covers and proportional treaties; also arranging a suitable Leader for Fac proposals
  • Identifying the right Lead-Reinsurers and obtaining quotations
  • Negotiation of best terms for various arrangements
  • Marketing and placement of a reinsurance programme with best securities
  • Administration of the programme, including all documentation
  • Assessment of counterparty risk (i.e. the financial strength of reinsurance companies)
  • Recovery of claims from reinsurers, obtaining their payments promptly
  • Providing regular market information and assessment
  • Technical advice
  • Assistance with direct contact between reinsured and reinsurers
  • Training / Seminars for employees of the company
  • Other services that may be volunteered
  • The reinsurance team is headed by an expert with over 37 years reinsurance experience with national reinsurer and other private insurers.
  • Ably assisted by experts with reinsurance broking and underwriting experience in the Middle East, Far East and India.
  • Team having diverse background and rich experience for handling both Treaty and Facultative Reinsurance
  • Expertise in handling various lines of business such as Aviation, Energy, Marine, Liability, Property, Terrorism, etc

Reinsurance Team



  • Fire and Burglary
  • Large Risk / Mega Risk


  • CAR / EAR
  • IAR

Marine (CARGO and HULL)

  • Bulk Cargos
  • Pleasure crafts
  • Oil Cargos
  • Military Cargos


  • Onshore
  • Offshore
  • Renewable Energy


  • Hull all Risk
  • Liabilities
  • Hull War Risk
  • Aviation excess War Liability
  • Aviation Products –Avn Prduct liability, Ground handlers, Refullers, Hangkeepers liability etc


  • GPA, Health and Life
  • Credit
  • Terrorism
  • Jewelers’ Block
  • Fine Arts & Species
  • Event Insurance


  • D & O
  • E & O
  • KNR
  • CGL
  • Financial Liability
  • Bankers Blanket



Proportional Treaties (all classes)

  • Quota Share
  • Surplus
  • Quota Share cum Surplus

Non Proportional Treaties

  • Net Account XL
  • Stop Loss Excess
  • Pool Excess Cover
  • Short fall Excess
  • Proportional Short fall Excess

In addition to above we can also assist in :

  • Crop Treaties
  • Medical Treaties
  • Energy Treaties
  • Facultative Obligatory Treaties