Cyber Insurance

Our reliability on the technology is increasing day by day. Our life is getting dependent on the digital world of mobile and internet banking, social media, online shopping and various other online activities. Thus, we end up spending significant amount of our time on the internet.

In the process of doing online activities, like logging in to our social media account, paying taxes online, online shopping, internet banking etc. we share our key information or data with certain entities, because it helps us in accomplishing our online activities easily, but at the same time, it is associated with gamut of Cyber Risks, such as Identity Theft, Malware Attack, IT Theft Loss, Phishing, E-mail Spoofing, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Stalking, Media Wrongful Act etc. to which individuals are exposed to, due to Cyber Attacks.

Cyber Insurance is a policy which provides a comprehensive insurance cover to an individual or business to pay for the losses that could arise if the Cyber Risks are subjected to Cyber Attacks.

Cyber Insurance Policy covers the following -

  1. Coverage Of Financial Losses (as per defined t&c in the product brochure)
  2. Cover of Expenses incurred:
    1. Legal Fee for claiming damage fee against third party
    2. Restoration costs of the Insured’s computer system due to damage caused by Malware
    3. Coverage of the expenses of an certified psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor to treat the Insured for stress, anxiety
    4. Coverage of the cost of hiring an IT consultant in order to prove the amount and the extent of the cyber attack and losses attached to it

We at Mahindra Insurance Brokers, ensure that your all the queries related to cyber risks are resolved. Not only this, our dedicated and expert claim team will help you to get your claim, in-case of an unforeseen event of Cyber Attack.