What makes MIBL a great place to work?

At MIBL, there is a strong alignment of company goals with employees’ individual aspirations.  We are committed to getting our team well-equipped to handle their assignments, in terms of providing opportunities to develop skill sets and technical know-how. We have a culture of reward and recognition, excellent team work, and an energised and empowered workforce that experiences professional satisfaction in transforming lives through our services.

“We envision, equip and empower our people to enable them to Rise and make a difference in the lives of all our stakeholders.”

What makes an individual a good cultural fit into MIBL?

We lay great emphasis on customer-centricity and result orientation. We promote passion and energy at the workplace, and encourage people to think out-of-the-box. We do not compromise on quality and integrity.  We have an open, 2-way communication culture where we not only communicate organisational goals and aspirations, but encourage ideas and suggestions from employees.  Individuals, who appreciate this work culture, accept no limits to their thinking, find alternative solutions to challenges, and drive positive change in people’s lives, will find a good fit in MIBL culture.

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Management Speak

Ramesh Iyer

Managing Director ( Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.)

President – Financial Services Sector

Member of the Group Executive Board

We are truly delighted that MIBL has become the first insurance broker globally to achieve this international benchmark. It is a reflection of the organization's steadfast commitment to the development of its people, its focus on adding value to its customers, and driving positive change in the lives of people.

Rajesh Naik

The lead appraiser

QAI India

MIBL has a robust framework for employee growth, supported by a collaborative culture, a competency framework, internal job posting, educational assistance, and focus on internal promotions. MIBL is also the world's first company in the insurance sector to have achieved Maturity Level 5 of the People CMM®. Powered by a strong and flexible people management system, I am sure MIBL has the potential to become one of the best organizations in the world.