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Gurukul, a Sanskrit word conjoined by two other words - “guru” meaning “teacher” or “master”, and “kul” meaning “domain” - is in India, a type of school, residential in nature, with “shishyas” or “students” living in proximity to the guru. The shishya who enters Gurukul is imparted knowledge in all aspects. A shishya’s life undergoes a transformational change by the time he walks out of a Gurukul.

The concept of Guru is unique to Indian Vedic culture and this is one of the priceless gifts to this world along with Vedic teaching.

At Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd, it is an endeavor to follow the teaching system GURUKUL, which was prevalent in INDIA once upon a time. The essence is to enable each team member not only on his skills /technical /process knowledge but also to groom his overall personality.

Our Philosophy

We are a small team, however the development of our sales staff is of utmost importance as they are the face of the organisation. Our Learning academy has a philosophy, culture and tradition of its own. Gurukul is planned in a phased manner and ensures that the required skills and behaviour are imbibed into the team members.

Gurukul Learning Academy consists of three levels :

Pravesh At this program new team members are introduced to the organisation, its processes, and its procedures. A thoughtful new employee induction programme can reduce turnover and save an organisation thousands of Rupees. Whether a company has two employees or 20,000, it should not leave new employee induction to chance.

The goal of induction is to capitalize on each new employee’s enthusiasm and keep it alive once the work begins. When induction is successful, a new employee will become a valued asset to the organisation. One never gets a second chance to make a first good impression. Induction is the time to roll out the red carpet. This simple act is often overlooked when a new employee arrives for work.

Prarambh At this level, skill based training is imparted to each team member. The purpose of the PRARAMBH programme is to impart and develop the skills and knowledge to individuals on the art of selling and servicing the customer. This is to enable them to perform their role effectively and efficiently. This is a skill-building programme and the training is instructor-led. PRARAMBH is specifically designed for the MIBL employees who have atleast completed 3 months into the organisation as this ultimately improves the company’s bottom line.

Prayas Prayas is a Hindi word, derived from Sanskrit, and it means endeavour. Through Prayas, we aim to enable and empower our team members to improve their professional and personal lives. The purpose of PRAYAS programme is self-introspection and behavior modification. PRAYAS creates positive attitude and team bonding, which would eventually facilitate the participants to perform their role effectively and efficiently. This is a programme that enhances personal effectiveness and the training is instructor-led. Prayas primarily is aimed at growth of the individuals in terms of behaviour understanding and modification for higher and enhanced effectiveness and results.

At this level, participants have already gone through the rigorous certification of Level 1 and are eligible for Prayas training which is a behavioural modification training programme, grooming them for the next level in the organisation.

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